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The world is changing – I’m sure that 19 years ago when AAUW Ashland had it’s first garden tour we were not quite as concerned with water-wise and fire-wise gardening as we are now.  Last years smoky summer really brought to the forefront how dry our southern Oregon climate is.  With droughts and weather changes all over the map these issues have climbed their way towards the top of our priorities.  As responsible community citizens of Ashland we need to respect and address these realities.  Last year we partnered with the City of Ashland and the Conservation Commission and focused on Water Wise Landscaping and sustainable gardening and our gardens received free water audits from the cities Water Conservation Specialist.   This year we have engaged the Firewise Commission as an additional partner and our gardens are getting a free wildfire safety home assessment as well as a water audit. 

Of course we will still enjoy the beautiful gardens our creative owners are sharing with us and be entertained by a variety of music and our signature homemade refreshments.  But this year we hope you are able to take away some new landscaping techniques you can incorporate into your own gardens.  As you stroll through the gardens please note the pictures and signs that feature our scholarship recipients and our other community partnerships.  We hope you enjoy and appreciate the direction our AAUW Ashland Spring Garden Tour is taking! 

Enjoy and thank you for your Support!
Mimi Pippel and Ruth Dowden
Co-chairs Ashland AAUW
Spring Garden Tour

Garden Tour Map